UGOT Drive Power Manager

Power management proves to be an efficient technique to maximize power efficiency. A good power plan implementation ultimately lead high in saving energy.

Basically, system users assume that switching the computer into sleep mode will consume less power. But, as a point of fact, it is all dependent on user application; how they use it – at what duration system is left idle. Some end-users find it ambiguous to setup a proper power plan; especially when system is under network setup. So, if system runs under appropriate power save scheme, CPU and other resources turns to be non-functioning whenever computer is idle. In turn, after a time of inactivity this power-save setting makes easier to get back and resume system operation instead of shutting down the system. The applications will respond quickly when switched back to power. Thereby, a suitable power plan serves to establish a healthier environment with various beneficial aspects. It eliminates delays involved in boot/start up and system shutdowns.

Both Macintosh and Windows comes up with certain set of power management functionalities that is pre-built, that can be customized according to user-specific needs. This may be quite difficult to manage by some end-users to set sleep rate settings. Other than this in-built utility, one can check out for UGOT Drive Power Manager tool to avail a systematic and easy way to manage energy saving plan.

The UGOT Drive Power Manager application

A smart program that monitors and manages the overall system energy by providing a customized set of options for better user-experience. Here is a deeper look on its features and functions-

  • Analyses the network the system is connected to and set a power plan accordingly
  • Let system users to create multiple power plans in a convenient fashion
  • Offers real-time control over maintaining energy efficiency of device
  • Features to switch between created plans that can be activated at any user-specific time
  • One can re-configure already set plan with a different set of values
  • Allows provides system battery status and other related information
  • Safer to run on computer- no much resource consumption – no chance of data exposure to external sources
  • Inexpensive way to manage power saver plan

Setting up Power Manager software

It is quite simple to get the tool installed on your computer. UGOT Drive Power Manager is an unpaid software that could be instantly download on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Setup consumes just a few seconds and tool can be set to work. Here are its major functionalities explained

#Create Power Plan

This section lets user to create a new power scheme as per duration of system operation. Once after installation process one can choose to configure options to set a power saver strategy.

Plan creation steps

  1. Click over Create Power Plan option on the home screen
  2. Assign a relevant name to the plan that you are going to form
  3. Under Common settings you find wide set of options to customize
  4. Set proper input values and press on Create and Schedule button
  5. Upon successful plan creation a message pops-up. Click on Ok

Scheduling created plan

  1. The tool then prompts to specify the schedule to implement the newly formed plan ( Go with Based on Time or Based on Network options)
  2. Then select appropriate options and click on Schedule button
  3. Press on OK

#Manage Power Plan

This section comprise of all user-defined and default power plans. One can easily carry out a couple of functions to edit and delete an existing plan. Users can easily modify the exiting plan and enable it as current plan for your system.

Additionally, there is a settings option on the top right section of the window where you find these options-

  • Run on Start-up (Recommended for laptop users)
  • Run minimized
  • Minimize the system tray on close
  • Automatically manage power plan settings when Network changes
  • Show me power plan changes

One can check on a feasible option in the list. In order to set back to default settings click on Load default button at the bottom.

Note: You can also monitor the active power plan, count of plans that is successfully been created and scheduled plans in the main screen.