Nowadays, SSD drives is replaced by the HDD because of the speed, ruggedness, form factor, noiseless working, less power usage, reliability, etc. Most of the computer manufacturers have started using SSD as a storage device in their laptops. We are creating partitions on our storage drives for different purposes like organizing files, using multiple operating systems, etc. Many non-techy users have questions like, is it possible to partition SSD drive?? How to partition SSD? and What are the advantages of partitioning an SSD drive?

You can create a partition in SSD drive by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Control panel on your computer and click on System and Security option.

Step 2: You can find an option to create and format hard disk partitions, click on it.

Step 3: Now the disk management window will appear on the screen. If you have only one partition which consumes the whole space. Then click on the C partition.

Step 4: Right click on the C partition and choose the Shrink Volume option. Enter the new size of the partition. Now your partition is resized and it will show the unallocated partition.

Step 5: Right click on the unallocated volume and select the option “New Simple Volume”. Simple volume wizard window will open and follow the instructions shown on it by clicking the next button.

Step 6: Choose the disk size, assign the drive letter and then you will get a menu to choose the format of the partition. Select the next to proceed and choose the Finish button to make the new partition.

Now your computer will display a popup, a window to open the new drive. And you will get an option to format the new partition, you can access the partition only after formatting the partition. Select the format option, when your computer pop-up the format window.

How will SSD Partition help you?

Multiple Operating System – By creating multiple partitions, you can use multiple operating systems on the same computer.

Avoid System Failure – If your computer faces any system failure issues, it will not affect the other partitions when you have multiple partitions on your computer.

Protect from Virus – When your computer has multiple partitions and your computer gets infected by virus or malware, then the files in the different partitions will be protected.

File Organizing – Using the multiple partitions on the SSD, you can organize your files easily and it will make the file accessibility easily.

Improve Performance – If your partition is 20% or 40% of the total SSD size, then your computer can take less time to read the partition because the number of reading head repositioning will be low.

SSD is the best storage device that you can use instead of the hard disk, it will be little expensive but the reliability, speed, power consumption will lead you to choose the SSD. Before doing anything please make a backup of your important files. There are several partition manager tools are available in the market. If you are downloading any third party applications for making partitions in SSD, please make sure that the application is a reliable one. Otherwise, it may affect you SSD partitions badly and may results in partition corruption, partition damage, partition loss, etc.