We like to store our favorite pictures, videos, music etc on our computer because recalling memories gives us happiness. Nowadays, data loss is a common disaster. Anyone can end up doing errors at any time and that error may lead to losing your data. It’s very difficult to avoid data loss scenarios. Then how to prevent data loss on the computer? You can take some precautions to avoid it. If you know well about the common reasons for the data loss, you can definitely prevent it to a limit. The reason for data loss is connected to how you store the data and how you manage it. The common data loss scenarios that we are familiar are –


Accidental deletion of data – Deleting file unintentionally or by mistake instead of removing another data, is one of the common data loss scenarios.

Virus Infection – With the growth of our tech world, new and powerful viruses are developed by hackers. With the benefit of being connected with the worldwide networks, the risk of getting your computer infected by the virus also increases. If the computer gets infected by the virus, it may start overwriting, deleting, creating new files without permission. You may lose your important files due to this issue.

Power surge – If power failure happens when you are writing any data on your computer even before you save that file will lead to data loss.

Upgrading Operating system without taking a backup – Everyone like to upgrade to the new operating system. It is compulsory to get updated while working in this present tech world. While upgrading to new operating system, you may lose the existing data on the computer. In such cases, you need to use your backup file to restore the data back.

Formatting without backup – Formatting is one amongst the common solution that most of the people prefer when their computer is infected by virus, file system errors or when partition is inaccessible etc. You need to ensure that you have backup of important data. If by any chance you have formatted your partition without taking any backup, there are many software which helps you to recover data from partition.

To know How to recover formatted partition data follow the link.

Physical damage of hard drive – Physical damage is another scenario, which will lead to data loss from the hard disk. The damage may be due to over-heating, magnetic field exposures, water or fire, bad sectors etc.

How can I prevent the data loss in computer?

The common data loss scenarios discussed above, you can prevent the data loss in your computer by taking some preventive actions. Here are the best preventive actions that you can take are given below:

  • Taking backup of your important files will help you to restore it easily when you loss the data. Try to make it as a regular exercise.
  • Use redundant backup systems like cloud backup, taking backup in external storage devices, etc.
  • Use a quality anti-virus software to protect your computer from virus and malware threats and update it. If you don’t update the software, your antivirus will be helpless and will not be ablr to secure your computer from latest viruses.
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails and the attachments, it will affect your computer working and may lead to data loss.
  • Verify files before deleting files from your computer to avoid accidental deletion scenarios.
  • Install reliable applications only in your computer to avoid malwares.
  • Use UPS backup to avoid power surge scenarios.
  • Don’t use any unreliable third party applications to partition your hard disk. If you use such applications, it may make the partitions inaccessible or damaged and you may loss the data.