Mac OS X comes with an inbuilt media player- iTunes by default, which is capable of playing music, videos, podcast etc. However one of the downsides associated with it is that it supports only limited media file formats. Particularly in videos, there wide range of file formats, but unfortunately iTunes does not support all of them. Besides this, it becomes a tedious task to convert each of videos and play it on iTunes.

A better option is to pick up a best media player for Mac that lets users to play any video with crisp and clear picture display and at the same time present a user friendly interface. Although the quality of video depends on the video format, it depends on quality of media player as well. So below is a list of best video players for Mac OS X that supports broad range of video formats and finest visual experience to view movies pleasantly. Further, in order to help users decide better, good and not so good features have been provided for each of the listed video players. So keep reading to know more.

1)VLC for Mac

VLC media player is an open source application that’s in market from quite a long time. It can handle every file type out there and performs better than Mac OS X inbuilt players. This player supports DVD, CD and VCD’s. In case of damage, VLC player can automatically fix the issue.


  • Provides outstanding video/audio performance
  • Users who love to listen to loud music, VLC presents an option to increase the volume upto 400%


  • Doesn’t play MKV/MP4 file formats and also users can observe subtitle delay
  • Graphical User Interface is not upto the mark and requires enhancement

2)QuickTime Player

This is another inbuilt player that comes by default with all Mac OS X and is developed by Apple. The User interface is sleek and provides brilliant High Definition videos (HD) that make video viewing experience a pleasure.


  • It’s free and does not need any installation
  • Presents HD audio/video


  • Requires frequent updates to get maximum benefits from it
  • Does not support DivX and WMV file formats


This player lets you rejoice your sense as it rapidly enhances the quality of music and video as you play. Additionally it is capable of playing major media files. The 5KPlayer has an exclusive feature known as AirPlay Mirroring that renders direct replication of entire iPhone/iPad/Mac screen to Mac Machines.


  • Facilities online video download not only from YouTube, but also Facebook, Yahoo, Vimeo etc.
  • Loads subtitles of movie instantly


  • Uninstalling 5KPlayer may be problematic as it integrates with OS components and may cause a few glitches


Just like 5KPlayer, this application is powerful enough to run any video file format and is specially designed for Mac users. MPlayerX is a favorite among Mac users because of its simplicity in terms of available features.


  • Offers full screen mode, lets you change the subtitle size
  • Can handle any media format in the world without extra plug-ins or codec


  • When playing videos on MPlayerX, the CPU usage goes up

Final Verdict: Everyone has their opinion of what the best video player needs to be like. On a positive note, hope this article help you to find a suitable video player depending on your requirement

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